Welcome to my little corner on the world wild web, for all my non-academic activities. I like mathematics, I like computer science, I like cryptography, and I like to code what captures my interest, and if it's remotely useful, I'll share it here or tweet or blog about it. Pictures, rock climbing and diving also capture my interest, but I don't have much to say about that.
  • Public Key Cryptography implementations can be found on the FGInt-pages, for FreePascal/Delphi and Objective-C
  • gKnujOn is a python script to report spam to KnujOn
  • All dates on this site are in the dd-mm-yyyy format



I will phase out this website and host most of my code on GitHub.


Walied Othman is kind of looking for a job: here's my resume, though it's mostly academic.


Slow move to GitHub (fpc/delphi FGInt is reworked into numbers with 32bit components, instead of 31bit)


gknujon/gspamcop updated


FGInt for Objective-C polished.


misc - rsa challenge updated


raider added